• A Remedy for Enuresis & Dysuria in children.
  • Controls Bed wetting due to Fear
  • Controls Bed wetting due to stress / excitement
  • Controls involuntary urination


  • A Helpful remedy on acidity, gas trouble, heart burn and other associated indications
  • Effective in conditions such as pain in abdomen
  • Water branch, nausua, indigestion

Anaci Tone

  • Anaci Tone is very useful in conditions of Intestinal Worms.
  • It helps reduce irritation and gives relief from worms trouble.

Cough Syrup (Provides relief for Allergic Cough )

  • A natural remedy for cough and cold
  • An effective remedy for headaches and sore throats
  • No side effects as it cares and heals naturally


  • Useful in dentition of a child
  • Reduces irritability & increases resistance of child during the dentition period
  • Useful in dentition of a child


  • Kalpant Sundari is helpful in Uterine Dysfunction.
  • It also acts to correct and stabilising the menstrual cycle and uterine hemorrhage apart from stabilising menstrual cycle in the individual.

Cure renol drop

  • Relieving the pain related to Renal Colic.
  • It has been observed that the given formulation is useful in about 70-80% of population.
  • There is the reduction in any foul smell, redness of urine.


  • Useful in case of swollen Tonsils
  • Inflammated Tonsils with swollen veins
  • Eases pain when swallowing & feeling of a plug in Pharynx.
  • Relieves other Tonsil related troubles

Pill o Pill

  • Useful in severe conditions affected by piles
  • Helps reduce bleeding in case of bleeding piles, internal and external hemorrhoids
  • Useful in severe rectal pile conditions arising after pregnancy


  • Acts on Pain in Fibrous tissues & Ligaments
  • Reduces stiffness of Joints
  • Gives Relief in cramps & swelling of joint
  • Added calcium for strength of bones


  • Helps in improving Memory
  • Reduces Examination Fear
  • Reduces Nervousness
  • Improves Concentration

Cough Homoeo (Homoeopathic Pills for Allergic Cough)

  • Powerful formula in most common allergic cough
  • Aids relief from infections, chronic cough by expectoration in asthama, bronchitis

Aci digest syrup

  • Relieves from pain and discomfort caused due to indigestion.
  • Treats heart burn and acidity accompanied by bloating.
  • Best solution to sort out the problem from its root.

C nil drop

  • It improves biliary output of fluids as well as cholesterol.
  • It reduces cholesterol deposits.
  • The formulation enhances the overall metabolism
    of lipids.

cal Homoeo

  • Treats symptoms of calcium deficiency.
  • Maintains tissue elasticity.
  • Treats bone degeneration.
  • Strengthens teeth and bones


  • Prevents Hair loss
  • Helps in Hair growth
  • Useful in reducing premature greying
  • Helps in reducing dandruff

Dent Eazee

  • Useful in the dentition
  • Acts on the mind and soothes irritability
  • Checks for increased salivation and flatulence
  • Helps to reduce restlessness

Vita Homeo

  • Tones up Sexual System
  • Developes Sexual desire
  • Helps in impotency caused by old age

Den-Tonic Herbal Toothpaste

  • Fluoride Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Tooth-Gum Care

Den-Tonic Kids Toothpaste

  • Fluoride Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Tooth-Gum Care

Dia Gennie

  • Controlling and reducing sugar levels.
  • Regains body posture by better metabolism rates.
  • Reduces the chances of occurrence of ailments often associated with Diabetes Type II.

Livo Gennie

  • Limiting the inflammation of liver.
  • It helps in fighting various infections of liver.
  • In jaundice or such cases, it helps to bring about reversal in liver function. Thereby helping in speedy and healthy recovery.

Me - Fit

  • Reducing the sense of hunger
  • Speeding the lipid metabolism
  • Reducing the urge to eat more
  • Helping in maintaining weight goals

Me - Fit (Drops & Tablet)

  • Postnatal Weight Gain (prevents weight gain After Child Birth).
  • Reduces Hyperacidity & feeling of weakness associated with dieting.
  • Reduce Cravings

Immu H

  • Provides immunity against dengue.
  • Increases the WBC & platelet count.
  • Used as a prophylactic to prevent infection in body cells.

Sinu Fit

  • Reduces inflammation and alleviates symptoms
  • Reduces sneezing & stuffy nose
  • Natural & safe formula
  • Does not cause drowsiness or sleeplessness
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