M/s.B.R.EnterprisesPvt.Ltd has been in the distribution business since 2001. Over the years the distribution business has grown at a great pace and is having a very well established Homoeopathic, Pharmaceutical Division and FMCG division.
Mr. Bimal Mehta the Managing Director an MBA in Marketing from Mumbai University has a vast experience in Distribution and Marketing Since 2001 he has started his own company B.R.Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. and which has grown leaps and bounds in this span of 17 years.

Homeopathic Division

We are the Super Stockist for Homeo Laboratories for marketing and distributing homoeopathic products all over India. B.R.Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is the only leading Super Stockistof Homoeo Laboratories distributing to the entire Mumbai City, Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka and many other locations in India. The company has been a pioneer in homeopathic distribution having a very well-developed distribution network in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and gujarat

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Our Main and Branded Homoeopathic Product is DENTONIC which is established since almost 47 years which is being marketed by us for 17 years and by our ancestor companies for almost 30 years. These are homoeopathic pills given to children at their teething time. The other well-known products are A-pills, On-tonsil, Acigo, Rheuma-cure, Vita Homoeo, Cough Homoeo, Keshlatika, Pill-0-pile, and Schola-tone which are also well known in the Mumbai and all over India.
We Are Also Launching Very Soon Drops , Oil, Syrups, Tablets In Homoeopathy

In Our New Company Homoeo Marketing LLP

• Acigo Drop : acute acidity
• C nil drop : in case of where blockage are observed
• Cure renol drop : painful stone
• Kalpant sudari : blood purifier & recovery from menstrual problem
• Vita homoeo : enhances power & vitality
• Dentonic pills: dentonic pills for babies is useful in dentition of a child.
• Rheumacure oil : reduce join pain, swelling of joints, acute join pain
• Keshlatika oil : hair growth & dandruff control
• Homoeo cal : enhances absorption of calcium